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Want to Join one of our Shopping Parlor Club, Pass, or are you just looking for additional help navigating the Just Chill world? Look no further you have found what you are looking for. 

Parlor Pass

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Parlor Pass (Individual Annual Membership): This pass is perfect if you are making multiple basket orders or making multiple shopping trips to the showroom. You pay $125 annually for a shopping membership and you receive the following benefits for an entire year. Membership is annual and nonrefundable after 30-days and is nontransferable*. Benefits Include: 

  • $5 off every $25 you spend in showroom merchandise up to $500 in total merchandise purchases or 15% off your Custom Specialty Basket Orders (up to 2 baskets per month).

  • 1 FREE basket base upgrade on a custom specialty design basket order.

  • 50% OFF Premium gift wrapping services ( minimum 2 packages per order). 

  • 10% off Workshop or After Hour Event admissions 

  • VIP access to all showroom after hours hosted events (i.e., Artist of the Month meet & Greets, Vendor Welcome parties; arrive 1 hour prior to event start time (when applicable)).

  • 1 FREE surprise gift from your Happiness Ambassador



This offer cannot be combined with any other active promotions in the showroom and is credited to showroom purchases only (minus the basket base upgrade). When there is an active promotion, you will have the option of utilizing your membership or taking advantage of the promotion as it is presented. 

Enroll in Store or Online**

*Note: this membership is only refundable if you do not use your benefits during your first 30-days of membership. If you utilize any of your benefits with in those first 30 days you will not be granted a refund.

**For online orders please note you will need to come to the store to pick up your membership card or we can mail the card to you. In order to receive your card by mail you will need to provide a physical address; please allow up to 7 business days to receive your card.

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Herbal Tea

Tea Totaller Club

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Tea Totaller (Tea of the Month Club) 


Membership is FREE to join. You will receive a punch card upon signing up, buy any showroom tea (Jar, Tin, or Pouch; excludes Vials) and receive a punch. Once you have received 10 punches you will receive 1 FREE Jar, Tin, or Pouch of tea. (Maximum Value $20).


Additional benefits:

  • Early access to our Tea Time Monthly Tea Tasting Party ( 3rd Thursday of each month; dates subject to change).

Enroll in store only

Ambassador Concierge Services

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Don't have time to shop? No worries with our premier concierge level gift purchasing services.

Service includes the following:

  • FREE gifting consultation with our Lead Happiness Ambassador ( in person, Zoom, Face time, Phone).

  • We shop for your gifts for up to two (2) people*

  • FREE Premium Gift Wrapping Services for all purchased gifts by Just Chill.

  • FREE Wax Envelop Sealing

  • FREE Shipping ( up to $30)

*additional fees apply to service orders with more than 2 gift recipients. 

Please read the services terms prior to submitting your request as it contains valuable information regarding this service.

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