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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Same Day Orders Cannot Be Guaranteed due to shipping delays of some items we may not be able to keep in stock.

Allow for 48-72 hours on pre-mades and 72 hours to 1 week for custom baskets. It is advisable to order in advance for special occasions!

Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC



Q. What can I find in a typical basket?

First things first, let us start with the word “typical”, there is nothing typical about a Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC basket as no two baskets will ever be exactly the same because they are hand crafted and tailored to your gifting needs. However, depending on what experience you choose from our collection of baskets and boxes, you will find an array of tantalizing treats to tickle the gifted’s heart and soul and bring them happiness and joy!


Some items you can expect:

Bath bombs, body lotions, candles, books, puzzles, various accessories, themed items, nonperishable food items, etc. as well as for our high end baskets you may even find an e-reader or some other fun gadget!

Q. Why do your prices vary on your premade baskets? (updated 3/5/2022)

The premade baskets and boxes are crafted and priced according to the basket contents so high-priced items will yield a higher retail price. To make it simple, however, pricing for the premade Relax Collection boxes are divided in to only two levels of pricing (i.e. $65 $85) 

Custom Specialty Basket & Box Orders (updated 3/26/2023) NEW!!!!!

Just Chill has a new tiered Custom Basket Pricing System of Ordering please click here to access our online order form and basket level descriptions. A $50 deposit is required on all gift basket and gift box orders prior to us starting your design. Please allow 72 hours to one week for completion of your orders. Expedited orders will accrue an additional fee ( as noted on our ordering page). 


Q. Do you only provide gift baskets or are their other options?

Great question! So, the word “basket” in our case is synonymous to whatever I, as your Happiness Ambassador, can creatively come up with to make the gifting experience extra special. So, what that means is a "basket" could be a bag, a tote, a planter, a bucket or whatever else me and my team of happiness ambassadors create and come up with.

Q. Am I able to add anything I want to my custom basket? And if I buy a premade basket can I add to it?

As far as adding items to a custom basket, you can add what you can afford to spend. A word of caution is that we try extremely hard to stay away from things that are not shelf stable (especially when dealing with food items; we inspect meticulously for expiration dates). Food items in our baskets are always third party and prepackaged for your safety. We cannot include items such as ice cream or anything that could potentially not survive shipping or that could not be picked up and distributed in a reasonable time.

For the premade baskets, to keep consistent with packaging standards and fairness we do not add to our prepackaged baskets and recommend you consider a custom-made basket instead.

Q. Why is my premade basket non-refundable and non-returnable after they have left our care?

This is because we cannot speak to the integrity of the items in the basket once they have left our care and our top priority at Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC is the health and safety of our customers. This is not a debatable subject and there will be no exceptions made in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis, we do apologize for any inconvenience.

Q. Do you cater to special dietary needs?

If you have a special dietary need and need a specialty item (i.e. gluten free), it is advised that you order a custom basket instead of one of our premade baskets. We cannot and will not guarantee that our premade baskets will satisfy your specific needs unless it is specifically requested and designed for you.

Q. Are your Pet care baskets safe for pets?

Just Chill Custom Gifting makes every attempt possible to use items in our pet care baskets that have been AKA or vet approved. However, we can not guarantee these products for safety. Therefore, the purchase of our pet baskets are at your own risk and you should always consider your particular pet. Additionally, we encourage you to seek the advice of your pets healthcare provider prior to letting your pet play with or you apply anything on your pet if you have concerns. Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC uses third party items and will not be held legally or financially responsible for items we do not physically produce.

Q. Why am I not able to pay for my Custom Basket/Box order at checkout on the main site, why does it ask me to contact you for billing?

This question as a two part answer really, so, when you submit your Custom Order Quote or Basket Request  the ordering the system alerts us  immediately that you have ordered a basket or are requesting a quote, this is what essentially gets the ball rolling on your order.

 Custom Basket Online Order/Quote Form: (Updated 11/29/2021)


Secondly, for custom baskets because we will be building these from the ground up based upon your needs we will need to invoice you for your orders. Invoiced orders must be paid for in advance prior to picking up and prior to delivery or shipping when that option become available; shipping charges will be added to your invoicing if you have requested an item to be shipped; these charges vary. To order, click here.

Q Do you accept Large/Bulk basket orders ?

Yes! However, depending on our volume we may not be able to accommodate more than 30-40 baskets at a time. Additionally, please read the following policy related to large volume basket orders. 5 or > are considered bulk orders when ordered all together, please call for a price quote.

Bulk Order Baskets Policy


Basket orders > 5 baskets require a 25% deposit at time of contract/proposal. You have 48 hours after approving the contract/proposal in which to cancel to receive a 100% refund of your deposit.


Any cancellations after the 48 hours will not be eligible for a refund. Additionally, if you cancel within two weeks of the date of agreed upon pickup/delivery you will be charged 50% of the total balance due.


Once your deposit is received we will add your order to the que according to expected pick up/delivery date and will immediately (24-48 hours generally) start ordering needed supplies for your order.


The remaining balance of your order is required prior to or on the date of agreed upon pick up/delivery.


To ensure the safety and integrity of our baskets and boxes, please be advised that Custom Specialty Basket Design baskets/boxes are not returnable or refundable after you have taken possession of the items.


Important Note:

We strongly encourage you to read these terms fully and completely before committing financially to this contract/proposal. Once you have submitted your approval to do business with Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC (JCCGBC) you are agreeing to these terms and any other agreed upon addendums and/or conditions

Q. What is your turn around time for basket pick up and delivery? ( Updated 3/5/2022)

We can generally have your baskets ready within 72 hours to a week depending on stock and supply shipments, this is NOT an guarantee as customized items can take additional time to locate and purchase. We do attempt to keep at least 2 -5 "Ready to Go " catch all baskets in our Showroom for people who are in a hurry. Should you need something same day please call 607-299-4564 or 607-423-2650 to see if we can accommodate your needs; same days are  only for pick up orders. For our Customized Premium Baskets please allow at least 72 hours to a week, based on our business day openings.

Q What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy:

We take great pride in our customer's satisfaction at Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC and this includes not only the quality of our products, but also the speed of our service turn around times. Keeping this in mind, we require that any cancellation be made within 48 hours of order confirmation.

Any orders not canceled within 48 hours will forfeit their $50.00 deposit. Please note: Business Box orders and Large Volume Basket Order cancellation policies may differ, please read your contracts carefully.


Showroom & Shopping Parlor

Shopping & Private Appointments

4 Main St.

Cortland, NY 13045














Q. What is Parlor Cash? How does it work?

Parlor cash is showroom only promotional/marketing currency that is gifted by me , your Lead Happiness Ambassador, in various ways in the showroom during times of promotion, in select gift boxes and baskets and simply whenever I feel like giving 🤗

How does it work?
Parlor Cash 💰 is used during various promotions through out the year, some are gifted as special gifts located in select gift boxes, gift sets, and custom specialty baskets designs and Grab & Go Baskets.

How and when can I spend my parlor cash ?
Your parlor cash can be used on your future shopping trip(s) and must be used in its entirety. We cannot split the denominations (e.g. $10 could not be split in to $5 now and then $5 later) and you may apply no more than one (1) parlor cash certificate to any one purchase at one time. Parlor cash is NOT redeemable for U.S. or other government currency. Parlor cash is a promotional and marketing currency to only be applied and used for purchases made with
Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC.

Parlor Cash is applied as follows:

$2.00 parlor cash applied to purchases $20 or more ( in showroom only)

$5.00 parlor cash applied to purchases $40 or more ( online* & in showroom)

$10.00 parlor cash applied to purchases $60 or more ( online* & in showroom)

* Important note: there are limits as to how much Parlor Cash you can use for online purchases. Once you have exhausted those limits you may only use your Parlor Cash in the showroom located at 4 Main St. Cortland, NY 13045. Parlor Cash $5 & $10 are the only forms of Parlor Cash that can be applied to online purchases, $2 are only redeemable in the showroom.

Q Are your  Tea Party, Soil to Soul II Workshop & Classes Transferable?

Unfortunately, we had to make an update on our ticket policy as there have been repeated reports of people claiming to have bought tickets and are now selling them at a cheaper price. Therefore and effective immediately tickets sold by Just Chill Custom Gifting by Carol LLC are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Only the original ticket holder and purchaser will gain access to our workshops and classes.We are very sorry for this change  but feel it is necessary to protect our customers as this was a frequent occurrence on social media.

Tea Party Refund Policy: Tea party reservations are nonrefundable, however, if you need to cancel you can apply your reservation fee to a later party providing there is space available.

Thank you for understanding. It’s unfortunate a small minority have to spoil it for all.

Q. What is it like doing business with Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC?

Go small or go broke”
Bring gratitude to your community!

Doing business through your purchases or partnerships with Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC keeps your money in the local economy, builds your community, is environmentally friendly (requires less shipping distance and packaging), and provides you with a friendly local contact to help customize gifts within your budget.

We thank you for your business!

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