Just Chill Custom Gifting

Theme Descriptions

~People Boutique~

$45, $60, or $120


It has been a long day, a long month, or maybe even a longer year! Take a moment to breathe and prepare now to relax and calm your mind. Let your body slowly sink into the solitude of inner and external peace…. Just Chill & Relax!



(Must be 21 years old or older to purchase; however, sparkling grape juice options are available)

It’s Friday night or maybe it’s not…doesn’t matter because it’s time to Unwine. It might me a red, a white or a rose; coupled with scents and tastes that tempt and tantalize the soul. Grab a glass and put up your feet for now’s the time to Just Chill and Unwine!



Power up! Get Up! Get your mind, body, and soul moving and motivated. There is simply no time for boredom when you have got the drive and the energy to move! So, put one foot in front of the other and get ready to Just Chill and Boost your energy into high gear!



Where would you like to go right now? Is your desire to head to the beach, perhaps the mountains, or maybe it’s somewhere exotic and unimaginable. Take a trip to another place where the tastes and the treats whisk your senses away to another place. Its time now to Just Chill and Escape!

NEW! The Pure Indulgence ( Just Family Collection)

The Pure Indulgence basket is apart of my new basket line Just Family Collection and is a basket created in honor of my daughter Ariel, a seasoned and wildly talented esthetician and acne specialist. This basket is dedicated to not only the pampering experience of an esthetician but it’s more importantly focused on helping you obtain and maintain your skins youthfulness and integrity. Packed full of natural and hand selected items to help you start your way to a healthier place of Just Chill for your skin.


Ps yes, this basket comes with a service certificate and is part of our premium specialty basket line. Because of the nature of this basket it is only offered at one price  ( a mini version of this basket is offered as part of our monthly gift box plan).

NEW! Story Time ( Just Family Collection)

The story time basket is a new basket line Just Family Collection and was created in honor of my son Elijah who is an inspiration to me in so many ways. His passion lays within the story he’s creating , the animation he develops, and in everything artistically creative. This basket is filled with Just Chill things that tell a story from books to collectibles and other memorabilia the story time basket is sure to please your lover of film, books, and the theater

Man Up

Welcome to the gentleman's club or what we like to call clue “T”! Where its time to flex those manly muscles and man up! Whatever you choose, be it the Pit Boss or the Team Captain its all in the bag so get ready to Just Chill and Man Up!



*Please be advised that while we make every effort to exclude items you have designated as an allergen it is ultimately your responsibility as a consumer to read all packaging labels prior to its use or consumption. Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol will not be held liable financially, medically, civilly or criminally for a customers failure to read and understand the content of a prepackaged items contents prior to using or consuming.

~Pet Boutique~

The Bilbo

It’s time my sweet and loyal canine…it’s time for an ADVENTURE! With our wagging tails and our wet nose, we are sure to find some trouble to get into. Time to pamper your puppy with a bit o’ Just Chill and Bilbo level fun!


The Nala

This is strictly for our Prissy little pussycats because felines need pampering too! Prepare for a little nip, a little sip, and a mousey mash of feline foolery! Time to Just Chill and not fret with the Fiona










Our " Just Box It! Monthly Sampler Box Plan"

( under $40 per month per basket, per month)

We Are Accepting Orders March 15th , 2021 for this plan

Just Box It! Monthly Sampler Box Plan

There are two plan options 3 month at $112.50 or a 6 month plan at $225.00
* You choose the months you want to receive your boxes or choose " Surprise Me" and we choose.
* You choose what box types you would like or you can choose " Surprise Me" and we choose.
* The following are your box choices for this gifting plan: The Relax, The Escape, The Man Up, , The Boost, The Pure Indulgence ,

The Story Time , or The Surprise Me Baskets.

These boxes are slightly smaller versions of the premade basket line, that contain anywhere from 4 to 6 gift items per box .

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